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Venedik Lounge Suite

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Ready to grab anyone’s attention is the Venedik sofa's and armchair which exude a mixture of conventional and modern elegance, featuring smooth straight lines in it's design. Turn your living space into a classy restful mood with the pull-back back-rest function.

-Complimentary scatter cushions
-Adjustable backrests, to create a daybed function
-Dirt and stain resistant, wipe-able fabric

-Origin: Cassemu Sofa, Turkey
-Upholstery: Turkish Polyester Blend
-Materials: European solid beech-wood and steel support
-Dimensions: Sofa Size, 0.85 H | 1.00 D, Width 2.20 Mtrs

Venedik Live Show

Venedik NAOR Landscape by Nuvo Italia