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Leather Guard Kit

Care Guide

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Advanced leather protection technology designed to prolong the life of the leather surface, whilst guarding against sun fading, staining and hardening.

This specially formulated leather care and protection kit will provide peace of mind for maintaining your leather, PU & PVC products.

Protect, prevent and preserve with the leather care and protection kit.


Whats Included?

 Leather Cleaner 300 ml

 Leather Protector 300 ml

 Ink & Stain Remover wax stick

 Microfiber + Cotton Cloths + Medium Density Foam Sponge

 Detailed usage instruction and information booklet

Product Details

- Origin: Made in South Africa

Cleaning Material

- Leather Cleaner: Water based


Packaging Yes | Professionally packaged box
Supplier Intended and Approved Use Personal, Automotive, Residential & Commercial


There are many kits in the market today. However with the Leather Guard Kit you get all that you need in 1 complete affordable package. Manufactured here in South Africa and approved by Alpine Lounge, use Leather Guard on your leather products with peace of mind knowing it will not harm or be harsh on your leather over time.

In fact it help feed your leather, keeping it hydrated, looking, feeling and smelling rich and fresh over time.

Easy application and easy to use. It will make having kids and visitors around less stressful, at least with regards to your sofa.

More About This Product

Leather Cleaner - Water based cleaner designed to clean gently, but thoroughly, without harming the natural beauty and feel of the leather surface.

Leather Protector - Highly advanced product to prolong the life of your leathers, whilst repelling water and oil based stains, helping guard against the sun's damaging UV rays and preventing hardening and cracking of the leather surface.

Sizing & Fit

Other Dimensions  

Leather Cleaner 300 ml
Leather Protector 300 ml
Ink Killer/Stain Remover 5.5 ml

Spot clean using the leather cleaner with the microfiber cloth on the surface, sides, behind and on sofa's also between the cushions.
Then apply the cream (Leather Protector) rubbing lightly in a circular motion everywhere including in-between the seat cushions and underneath headrests. (Apply on leather, PU or PVC) (Do-not apply too much, apply a little at a time to avoid having too much of a sheen as leather can only absorb so much at a time)
The application of the leather protector will help make the leather stain and dirt resistant to a degree, thus making it easier to dust and wipe off marks using the leather cleaner going forward. The leather protector will also help to condition the leather and keep it fresh. Use the leather protector over your leather at least once every 3 months. (On a side note, remember when dusting leather, to use a very lightly damp cloth otherwise dust wont catch on the cloth and be removed, it will instead go into the grains and harden)

Hard to remove stains and ink? Try the ink killer stick by gently rubbing the stick on the precise spot where the ink or tough stain is. All of it may not come out at first but the mark should fade or lessen. Repeat everyday until fully out.
Never, use any other chemicals or cleaners, check with us first. 
Exposure to harsh sunlight overtime and years can fade or damage fabric, minimize early morning sunlight exposure on fabric. 

For more detailed care and maintenance information read our Cleaning and Care Guide Section: Furniture Care Guide

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Ships via: Aramex

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