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In some ways there is nothing new about buying second-hand furniture - antique stores have done it for centuries.

Work still needs to be done  to shift the attitude of most consumers and companies towards embracing a circular model rather than a linear model of purchase consumption.

The circular model is based on the principle that nothing should go to waste, whereas the linear model disposes of things when they are not needed.

Linear & Circular Model Chart

NuvoItalia is an example of a company which is prioritizing the move to a circular model.

Vouchers for broken goods

More than half of South Africans have thrown out furniture in the last 12 months, with coffee tables, sofas and chairs topping the list of things which have ended up in landfill.

NuvoItalia estimates that over a million pieces of furniture could have been recycled, reused or repaired and given new life, according to research.

The biggest cause of furniture being thrown away was that it was broken.

How it works

Customers email photos of their old furniture so that it can be assessed for recyclability. They can then drop off their used or broken furniture at our warehouse, without even taking it apart, receiving a voucher for the value of the old furniture in return.

In the event of customers wanting to purchase new furniture from us, we will make an assessment of the value of their old furniture after viewing it and make an offer to purchase. If you are happy and would like to go ahead, then the value will be paid after we pick it up on the return trip of the delivery of your purchase from us.

Precious Resources

The take-back scheme means that the life-cycle of furniture will be moving in a loop rather rather than in a straight line that ends in landfill.

As the world’s population grows, re-using resources will become ever more critical.

And although the move away from a throw-away culture is gaining momentum, there is still a long way to go. Only 9% of the world’s plastics are being recycled and reused, for example.

Contact us below if you have any old furniture intended to be replaced.