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Our leathers sofa's are made with real cow hide leather, also the first layer of leather, which is soft and has good elasticity, and are available in a wide range of fine NuvoItalia leather upholstery options/colors: choose the one that best suits your interior decor.
We use premium imported leather and the category is Semi Aniline on all our leather sofas except two models, with those two being the Top Grain category. Here's a brief definition below:
Semi-Aniline (Perfecto & Oppulento) 
This is Top-grain leather than has been given an extra protective coat.  It will still have the softness and beauty of natural leather, and is sometimes called “protected aniline.”
Top Grain (Maestro)
This is leather that also comes from the outermost layer of the hide, underneath the “full-grain.” This leather has been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections.
Split Grain
This bottom layer of the hide is as durable as the Top-grain, but not as supple.

(The versions and the colors shown are by way of example only.)
Semi-Aniline White
Semi-Aniline Pearly Grey
Semi-Aniline Sandy Grey
Semi-Aniline Grey

Semi-Aniline Light Grey
Semi-Aniline Cream
Semi-Aniline Old Mink
Semi-Aniline Light Grey

Semi-Aniline Black
Semi-Aniline Sand
Semi-Aniline Dolphin Grey
Semi-Aniline Dark Khaki