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Care & Maintenance for Turkish Fabric Sofa's

  • Spot clean with a wet wipe or fabric cleaner on the fabric and wood, and use a dry cloth on the steel.

  • For upholstery besides above method, use wet wipes once in awhile to wipe off marks by rubbing lightly in a circular motion, for stronger stains use a little more force on the spot.

  • Our fabric kits can also be used on the upholstery to condition it and keep fresh.

  • The suds created from Dove soap in lukewarm water can also be used to lightly wipe the fabric.

  • Never, use any other chemicals or cleaners, check with us first.

  • Exposure to harsh sunlight overtime and years can fade or damage fabric, minimize early morning sunlight exposure on fabric.

  • For more general care and maintenance information read our Cleaning and Care Guide Section: Furniture Care Guide