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Lounge Suites

Choose the style of your lounge area.

Keep in mind it will be where you spend much of your time at home: from the afternoon onward with kids and from the evening on-wards without. It’s got to suit your lifestyle, be it a house full of kids, enjoying family time, entertaining loved ones or striking a balance between all 3.

For smaller living rooms to make it look larger and brighter opt for colors on the lighter side, however if your space is only used in the evening then perhaps make it cosy with intimate and darker colors.

For larger areas be adventurous with colors, perhaps warmer shades like blue, grey and even white. These shades will make the space more welcoming and you can add bold color aspects on the wall or decor.

It’s easy to get caught up in choices when choosing a lounge suite but ignore the frills and focus on the more practical aspects by thinking of the size and shape of your space, how many people you need to seat and where the set will go.

Take a look at some of our lounge suites for your living area, we have leather lounge suites, modern living sofa sets and budget friendly couches. 

After buying your lounge suite:

  • you could define the space with rugs
  • accent with tables
  • have fun with pillows