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August 13, 2018 2 min read

By now it well known that NuvoItalia is a company that imports furniture, specializing primarily in lounge suites, beds and dining. To go back a little, 10 years ago when we opened, we used to do locally manufactured products.

What we noticed, when it came to furniture, the local quality was simply not good enough and it when it came to furniture manufacturing, South Africa was way behind Italy and China. This led to a chain of events in the South African furniture, namely the products produced were of an inferior quality, which led to deception by hiding the defects in the products by stores and their salespeople, eager to collect the sales.

Quality is important and the price must be affordable was our aim, to achieve this balance importing became the best option. 

Coming back to our Winter Warehouse Clearance, over the years we have developed relationships with reputable international furniture manufacturing companies. Once in awhile to get some really good deals on furniture for the South African market, we clear out their showroom stock and in some cases cancelled orders from other buyers overseas. In doing so, the price to customer is reasonable and the quality is very good. We find with showroom stock, the nice, exciting fabrics are used, not normally found on standard orders.

An example of this can be seen in model L-09  below, which is part of our Winter Warehouse Clearance:

One of the international showrooms we clear:

Here's a breakdown of the goods  at our clearance:

  • 3 Shipments from of the Sibelli brand of sofas on their off their showroom floor
  • 1 Shipment of overstock from a Swedish hotel order
  • 2 Shipments of the cancelled order that was headed for the middle east, from one of the leading furniture brands in the world, Kuka (Listed on the international stock exchange)

Cancelled Middle East Stock:

Sibelli Showroom Clearance:

The goods above can be found here in Durban by our warehouse, at 222 Brickfield Road and for our national customers on-line. We hope if you were looking to buy furniture in the near future or right now, quality and affordability on exclusive products can be found  through our Winter Warehouse Clearance, our satisfaction is not from how high the sale price value is but from how affordable we can make it for each customer, based on that our prices will be much lower than market related.

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